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Learning Village Sessions

Design, Construction, & Development: HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof – the Future of Franchising

Hosted By: Matthew Hostetler, Chief Development Officer, Michael Sharp, Vice President of Design, Construction, and Procurement, and Members of their respective teams

Get an inside look at the most cost-efficient, design-forward economy extended stay concept. Shaped by input from hotel owners, longtime franchisees, and valued guests, and designed with value and experience in mind, the new HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof prototype empowers you to leverage the potential of the industry’s fastest-growing segment, extended stay. Meet the future of franchising, today.  

Design, Construction, & Development: Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+, The Red Collection by Red Roof – Your Next Level Investment

Hosted By: Matthew Hostetler, Chief Development Officer, Michael Sharp, Vice President of Design, Construction, and Procurement, and Members of their respective teams

In the beginning, there was Red Roof Inn. Then, Red Roof introduced Upscale Economy with Red Roof PLUS+. Next, Red Roof went hyper-unique with the hyper-local The Red Collection by Red Roof. With a product for every franchisee and every market, which product is right for your Next Level Investment? Find out at this session.

Procurement: Overcoming Obstacles and Preparing for the Future

Hosted by: Heather Cox, Director of Design, Construction, and Procurement, and Members of the Procurement team

From COVID to the Suez Canal blockage; from wildfires to hurricanes; industries have been dealing with supply chain and procurement challenges for the past year. There’s no doubt, you have seen the effects in your communities, and at your property. Learn how Red Roof’s Procurement team is combatting these challenges and how you can directly benefit from their efforts. 

Training, Quality, & Operations: Quality and Revenue — Your Keys to Success

Hosted by: Fouad Malouf, Senior Vice President of Operations, Steve Woodward, Vice President of Quality, Training, and Development, and Members of their respective teams

Quality or Revenue? What’s more important to your property’s success? To your guest’s satisfaction? To your employee retention? To your bottom line? Spoiler alert! — quality and revenue are equally important and directly impact each other. Join members of the Training, Quality, and Operations teams to learn how to improve the quality at your inn, turn satisfied guests into loyal guests, keep your employees happy, and take more money to the bank.

Revenue Generation: Getting Your Fair Share, Or More

Hosted by: Alex Cisneros, Senior Vice President of Revenue Generation, and Members of the Revenue Generation team

Are you getting your fair share – or more – every time? If your property is underperforming, you may have fallen victim to a Revenue Misstep. It’s not too late to finish 2022 strong and get on track to start 2023 on the path to greater returns. Join the Revenue Generation team to learn about the most frequently made mistakes in Revenue Generation and how you can ensure they don’t happen to you. Learn how to make the best decision in different situations and use all of the available tools and data in your revenue strategy.

Brand Compliance & Insurance: Protecting Yourself; Protecting the Brand

Hosted by: Michelle Stickel, Director of Compliance and Legal, Members of the Legal team, and special guests from Lockton Insurance

Is your insurance keeping you up at night? Obtaining and maintaining insurance is not just Brand Standard, it’s smart business. Join the Legal team and guests from Lockton Insurance for coaching on securing proper and affordable coverage and accurate underwriters. Learn about Red Roof’s new Cyber Liability Coverage and the effect data breaches can have on your business, and our brand.

National Sales: 2023 & Me – What’s in Your Sales DNA?

Hosted by: Staci Olney, Vice President of National Sales, Scott Littleson, Regional Vice President of Sales, and Members of the National Sales team

In this speed dating-inspired session, attendees will learn about four unique segments of business and group travelers they can add to their “Sales DNA” in the coming year. National Sales Executives and experts in their respective segments will explain who these segments are, what they’re looking for, and how you can capture their business moving forward. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore your Sales DNA. 

Digital Marketing & RediRewards: Showing and Telling Our Brand Story and Loyalty’s Impact on Your Bottom Line

Hosted by: Lisa Jordan, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Brenda Eddy, Loyalty Consultant, and Members of the Marketing team

Our customer’s digital journey, from awareness to conversion, offers countless opportunities to show and tell our brand story. When we’re most effective, customers progress to the loyalty stage of that journey. How is Red Roof’s Digital Marketing Team showing and telling our brand story? And what is a RediRewards loyal customer really worth to your bottom line? Learn this, and more, with Red Roof’s Digital Marketing and RediRewards teams.

Information Technology

Hosted by: Ted Hutchins, Chief Information Officer, Sharee Brell, Vice President of IT Governance, and Members of the IT team

Red Roof is known for turning insights into action. When you talk, we listen. Join the Information Technology team to see how your insights have resulted in advancements in Red Roof technology.

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